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  • Intohand at Bath University "Apps Crunch"

    Apps Crunch poster

    Stuart presented at the University of Bath on the 8th February. The Apps Crunch event was all about getting groups of competing students to bring their business and creative skills together, as part of a mobile apps development competition.

    Fellow presenters Richard and Adam of iPrinciples, helped to subject the attendees to an intensive download of information concerned with everything from business case, through platform choice to how to set about designing and developing an app. Adam even showed a Windows SDK in action to articulate how easy developing for this platform can be. Once you have his skillset, of course!

    Mixing with the students afterwards there were some really good ideas floating around, and it looks like the earlier presentations didn’t put too many people off. The entries will be judged prior to the big Cross Media Lab event at the Innovation Centre next month.

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