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Intohand focuses on delivering tools to make life easy to publish to the small screen. We also deliver applications for popular mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, HTML 5, iPhone, WebOS and Qt.


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  • Hackathon win for Intohand's Android team at GDG Devfest London

    Hackathon win for Intohand's Android team at GDG Devfest London

    Over the weekend, Matt and Elliot attended the GDG DevFest at the Google Campus in London. An informative day of talks on the Friday preceded a day of hacks on the Saturday. Together with friend Paolo we formed team Laser Explosion and hacked together a game tentatively called “ShakeWars”.

    Most computer-based games out there are typically played as you vs. the computer, or you vs. other online players, but there seem precious few that are actually intended to involve multiple players in the same room. We aimed to create a game that could be played with multiple handsets, and a single large screen android device to show the current leaderboard so that spectators can keep up with who’s winning. We used a Nexus 7 for this, but ideally this would be a Google TV.

    Each player has their own Android device, and after authenticating with Facebook, are able to join a game mediated by the tablet. The object of the game is to keep your device in a certain orientation (picture a waiter holding a tray of food and you get the idea) and move as little as possible, while simultaneously attempting to get your opponents to move their devices in whatever way you can. Your own “health” is indicated by an EKG-style heart-rate “beep”. The faster it’s beeping, the more you’re moving. If you slow down, the heart rate will go down with time and your score will improve. If you move too much, you flatline and you’re out of the game. At the end of a set amount of time, whoever has the highest score (by moving the least) and has not flatlined is declared the winner.

    It turned out to be quite fun to play! And the judges seemed to like it as well, as we were selected as one of the three winning teams, and were each awarded with a ChromeBox – pretty cool! We hope to release the app on Google Play once we’ve managed to hone the game play a bit – and perhaps come up with a better name (suggestions welcome)! When we do we’ll post the info here, so stay tuned…

  • Bardowl - CEO Summit Award for Innovation

    Bardowl - CEO Summit Award for Innovation

    Congratulations to all our good friends at Bardowl, not only for being shortlisted for the 2012 Meffy Innovation Award for App – but for walking away as the winners of the CEO Summit Award for Innovation.

    We’re absolutely delighted for Chris, Neil, Laura and everybody at Bardowl – and of course very proud to have been contributors to the technology they have pioneered. Onwards and upwards for Bardowl, that award looks great – and very well done from everybody in Intohand!

  • Intohand at OTA 2012

    We’ve just about recovered! The team walked away with the Best Android Entry for Live Quiz. The idea involves a general quiz game with a twist – it’s not just played in parallel with each person on a phone, but they are playing together, getting each question simultaneously, plus information about how the other players are doing on the same quiz. Entry into the quiz is as simple as scanning a QR code. It is a cross-platform app, running on iPhone, Android Mobile and Android tablet.

    The Intohand team was Matthew Rollings, Tom Durrant, Elliot Long and Kieran Gutteridge, and each individual won a Galaxy Nexus, donated by Google, a ticket to Droidcon, and the book Android in Practice (donated by DroidCon) plus one of the Android books donated by O’Reilly Media (Android Cookbook, Programming Android, Learning Android).

    Also at OTA Kieran participated to liberate our friends at Facebook of an honorary prize! Kieran worked with Chris Ross and each won a Samsung Galaxy S2 , for their “repair” work on the Facebook iOS SDK. Check out their work on GitHub. (You may also want to check out Chris Banes’ fixes to the Facebook Android SDK on GitHub).

    The Best iOS Award went to Team SDK Dub Remix (Kieran Gutteridge and Chris Ross) for their entry “Stop Blocking the Beats”.

    Our survey says there is grave situation in the Facebook iOS SDK. We hunted the native OTA Facebook engineers and once caught, we explained our thoughts in a highly pleasant and structured fashion. Voices were only raised in excitement and jubilation. The result of the conversation with our now great mates, was a hearty challenge to look into solving some of our grievances. So we did.

    Our course of attack was to boldly go, where no developer has gone before, and rewrite the Facebook client SDK for iOS. We have a readme which details the technical changes we have made. We did see Alice: she sends her regards.

    Kieran and Chris won the O’Reilly books: Programming iOS 5, Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript , and Learning iOS Programming, donated by O’Reilly Media.

    All in all a fun and suitably demanding OTA. We look forward to next year’s event!

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